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let's journey together...

River Valley Disciples

is a new Christian church start in the Disciples of Christ denomination.

We are called to serve and be located in the Beaverdale

and Drake neighborhoods in Des Moines, IA.


a Spirit-led gathering of all God's people

that are, as one Holy body, involved in the 

ministry of Jesus Christ in today's world.

Venn Diagram-CoreValues.png

Our doors are wide open and there is always a place in our church family for you. We welcome and love on people without distinction. River Valley Disciples is an open and affirming congregation.


We are called as a community of faith to share the Gospel message of God's love with others and call people forth into the hands-on ministry of Jesus Christ. As we journey together as ministry partners, we explore individual God-given gifts, talents, and blessings to continue to equip those who gather to go and share the Gospel message of love with the people we meet and hands-on service.


We respond to God's unconditional love for all people with dynamic worship that engages people where they are. We trust and engage in the Holy Spirit as we celebrate God in our lives. As we gather to worship - we celebrate God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit with an open communion table, down-to-earth messages, reflective and centering prayers, insights from scripture, and a diverse use of music and the fine arts.


Relationships are at the center of who we are. We strive to embrace and strengthen our personal and daily relationships with the Holy Trinity, each other, people in need, and our interaction with this very earth.


At River Valley Disciples we are ever challenged to present the Gospel message of God's love in ways that are respectful and representative of the beauty of God's diverse world and children. In our expression of faith as a gathered community, River Valley Disciples will undertake the hard work of being diverse in culture with honest and respectful conversations, faithful action alongside others, and loving relationships within the very fabric of humanity.

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