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We are called as a community of faith to share the Gospel message of God's love with others and call people forth into the hands-on ministry of Jesus Christ. As we journey together as ministry partners, we explore individual God-given gifts, talents, and blessings to continue to equip those who gather to go and share the Gospel message of love with the people we meet and hands-on service.

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At River Valley Disciples we do not have the typical “members”. Instead, we have what we call Ministry Partners. A Ministry Partner is someone who would like to partner with and participate in, the ministry offerings of River Valley Disciples. Ministry Partners can be involved in the smallest ministry-related item or completely immersed in the largest ministry we have to offer. Ministry Partner’s contributions to River Valley Disciples can be work done behind the scenes, out front, or even remotely from anywhere in the world. If a Ministry Partner is active in their own church, we celebrate their commitment to their home church but so much appreciate their willingness to help River Valley Disciples in specific and measurable ways as a part of the larger body of Christ. Short or long term, Ministry Partners help River Valley Disciples in the significant ministry of Jesus Christ in today’s world. 


We have launched RVD from a leadership group of four individuals, but now we are looking for help maintaining and growing RVD’s outreach and mission. Each of the positions we are looking for are closely aligned with our core values. Take a look at the video below - we invite you to join us.

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Dynamic worship

Technology support - RVD is seeking ministry partners that would help develop, organize, and operate the needed technology and systems for live worship sound, online video streaming, and other video/sound media needs.


Musicians and singers - RVD is seeking ministry partners that would be available to share their musical gifts in our weekly worship offerings.

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Media Outreach Administrator - RVD is seeking a ministry partner(s) that would help us develop and maintain our social media presence and other communication avenues. This would involve creating and maintaining databases to help keep our daily relationships with each other, produce print material including newsletters, and actively manage social media platforms including Facebook and website

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Calling forth, without distinction, vibrant diversity

Missional Outreach - RVD is seeking ministry partners that would help us organize and participate in the ministry of pro -reconciliation, anti-racism, and hands-on service to others. RVD envisions hands-on mission trips both locally and regionally,  participation in local non-profit human service agencies, engagement in human rights organizations, and other gatherings and activities dedicated to helping the marginalized, underserved, and forgotten children of God. River Valley Disciples is an Open and Affirming fellowship.

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